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It’s the little things that make a difference, become a member of YourShare and you could claim the superannuation fees and commissions being paid each year on your super accounts. The amount you receive every year could make a significant impact on your savings and ultimately your retirement plans.

You remain in full control, the only thing that changes on your super product is who is paid any commissions generated, and whilst we can’t provide personal specific advice regarding your investment, our member services team can help with any general enquiries.

Most Australians have a superannuation fund and look towards the future and the lifestyle they wish to lead. So get started and register your retail superannuation and allocated pension funds with YourShare and make sure your money is working for you – not someone else!

Check your superannuation fund
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These are the funds YourShare can work with:

  • Retail superannuation funds
  • Allocated pension funds
  • Retirement master funds
  • Retirement wrap accounts
  • Annuity Funds
  • Super and allocated pensions bonds

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  • My super fund is not on your list?

    It is possible you are with a super fund that does not pay commissions such as an industry fund, therefore YourShare is unable to collect these charges.

  • I am in an industry super fund – does it pay commissions?

    Although industry super funds do charge fees and commissions they do not pay commissions to brokers, financial advisers or third parties. Therefore, there are no commissions that can be collected on your behalf by us for you. However, if you have other superannuation funds, we can take a look and advise whether there will be trailing commissions we can get back for you.

  • Do you search for lost superannuation?

    No, however we can get you a Cash-back on the fees and commissions for retail superannuation products when you sign up with YourShare.

  • What do you mean by pension balance?

    This is the amount of money currently in your Allocated Pension Fund. An allocated pension provides a periodic payment in retirement that can vary within minimum and maximum levels set by legislation. It is paid from your superannuation fund after it rolls over into a pension at retirement.

Real People. Real Money.

Sophie- One of our customers who receives a cash-back on her pension fund.

Sophie is aged 57 and retired with $956,169 invested in a pension fund. She draws $5,500 a month from these funds. The commission on the pension account is 0.6% per annum. Assuming funds grow at 7.5% per annum and Sophie continues to draw $5,500 a month from her pension each year to the age of 80, the total Cash-back received by Sophie will be $57,703.

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All Cash-back amounts above exclude a service fee. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.