Life Insurance

Protect yourself. Protect your family

What does your quality of life mean to you? If you have a family, what does their quality of life mean to you? Life insurance ensures protection for you and your family but does come at a cost. YourShare can ease this cost by providing free online comparison tools so you can search from Australia’s top insurers to find a package to suit your life stage and circumstances.

Aside from providing a competitive premium we will also arrange a Cash-back for you, so the money ends up in your pocket and not someone else’s.

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Make more sense of your personal insurance.

YourShare can work with various forms of life insurance including trauma, total and permanent disability insurance and income protection. By signing up with YourShare, you could be collecting up to 35% of the premiums you pay each year on your life insurance.


Real People. Real Money

Elizabeth and Tom receive a cash-back on their life insurance.

Elizabeth and Tom are both aged 34. They each have life insurance with the following cover:

  • Life cover = $900,000
  • Trauma cover = $250,000
  • Total Permanent Disability (TPD) cover = $700,000
  • Premiums for Tom are $2,363.52. Premiums for Elizabeth are $1,309.20.

Together they receive $210 in savings each year through cash-back.

All Cash-back amounts above exclude a service fee. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.