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Did you know most financial products and services come with fees and commissions attached?

In fact, Australians pay billions of dollars in fees and commissions on a range of essential financial products. Typically these fees and commissions are paid to brokers, financial advisers and other intermediaries who in most cases you may not even know. Even if you purchase the product directly, fees and commissions are still retained by the financial institution. YourShare acts as Australia’s leading Cash-back service provider, collecting fees and commissions on your behalf. By becoming a YourShare member you can start collecting fees and commissions today!

Claim what’s rightfully yours

YourShare works with a range of financial products and can help you get Cash-back on superannuation, loans, investments, insurances and much more.

YourShare has been voted Australia’s best Cash-back service five years running by Money Magazine. We work across the widest range of financial products and services and can access the highest level of commissions for you.

Get your Cash-back

Every year with YourShare you will receive a Cash-back cheque.

The question is how will you spend it? Whether it’s on a family holiday to a tropical destination, a shopping spree or simply paying off mounting bills, it’s money back in your pocket. More sense, more dollars.

Get your Cash-back

It’s simple, you pay nothing upfront, we only take a service fee from the fees and commissions we collect on your behalf.

You receive 50% of every dollar YourShare collects for you over $75.

So if YourShare reclaims $400 in fees and commissions, you receive $162.50. If YourShare reclaims $2,000, you will receive a yearly Cash-back equal to $962.50.

Get your Cash-back


  • How is my Cash-back calculated?

    YourShare refunds 50% of everything we collect on your behalf over $75

  • How much does our service cost?

    It’s simple, you pay nothing upfront as we only take one service fee from the fees and commissions we collect on your behalf. You receive 50% of every dollar YourShare collects for you over $75. If YourShare collects $2,000 you will receive a yearly Cash-back equal to $962.50.

  • I’m already a YourShare member, when does the change to how cash-back is calculated apply to me?

    From 1st March 2014, all new members who register, and are eligible to receive cash-back with YourShare will be on the $75 – 50/50 model.

    Effective 1st May 2014, YourShare will transition ALL current YourShare members from existing cash-back models. Funds received in a members account between their last anniversary date and 30th April 2014 will be collated and their existing cash back model as at 30th April 2014 applied. Any funds received in a members account from 1st May 2014 till their next scheduled anniversary will have a 50% rebate applied.

    Existing members will transition to the new $75 – 50/50 model at their next scheduled anniversary date.

  • What happens to the commissions already collected by YourShare?

    Any commissions already collected by YourShare for existing members until 30th April 2014 will be calculated and rebated under the member’s relevant cash-back model at 30th April 2014. This rebate will be paid, in addition to 50% of any funds received by YourShare after 1st May 2014 at the members’ next anniversary date.

  • Are there any changes to my products?

    The change to the YourShare cash-back model does not impact any individual products held with YourShare.

  • Do you search for lost superannuation?

    No, however we can get you a Cash-back on the fees and commissions for retail superannuation products when you sign up with YourShare.

  • Does YourShare provide advice on the amount of cover I should have?

    No, we do not provide our members with full advice, however, we can source a range of quotes for you to choose from.

  • How do I know if my investments pay a commission?

    Call the financial institution directly, do a thorough review of the fund prospectus (a common term used for these fees is Adviser Remuneration) or contact YourShare directly to determine how much trailing fees and commissions you could be paying on your financial products now.

  • How far back do you collect commissions?

    YourShare collects the fees and commissions generated across your financial products from the date we are registered as the broker on the account.

  • What happens to my adviser, broker or third party currently receiving my commissions?

    Upon joining YourShare, all fees and commissions currently paid to your advisor will stop and be paid to your Cash-back account instead.

  • What is a trailing commission?

    Trailing commissions are yearly commissions which are paid to the body that introduced you to your financial institutions or that you nominated. Typically this is your broker, financial adviser or fund supermarket. These payments can be made even when you have gone directly to the fund manager.

It’s simple and free to join.

Alternatively, phone member services on 1300 554 774.

Real people. Real money.


Sophie is aged 57 and retired with $956,169 invested in a pension fund. She draws $5,500 a month from these funds. The commission on the pension account is 0.6% per annum. Assuming funds grow at 7.5% per annum and Sophie continues to draw $5,500 a month from her pension each year to the age of 80, the total Cash-back received by Sophie will be $57,703.

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Real people. Real money.


Dani and Ryan have home insurance which costs $2100 every year.

By using YourShare as their broker on their insurance policy, Dani and Ryan are able to receive a Cash-back of $151.30 every year.

When you add this to the $250 they receive on their home loan, for Dani and Ryan working with YourShare is a real no brainer.

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Real people. Real money.


Newlyweds, Belinda and Matthew have just purchased their second car and given they also have a home loan, it was important they found the best policies to suit all their insurance needs. The insurances on their two cars cost them $3100 each year.

By using YourShare as their broker on these insurance policies Belinda and Matthew were able to reclaim $241.50 every year.

When you add this to the $390 they receive back on their home loan, Belinda and Matthew were able to afford a few extra luxuries on their honeymoon.

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