More sense. More dollars.

YourShare is a leading Cash-back service provider encouraging Australians to claim back what’s rightfully theirs in the fees and commissions you pay on your financial products.

We are an ASIC licenced, Australian owned, independent financial services company and are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer care.


From humble beginnings.

Accountants and husband and wife duo, Paul and Juliet Brady realised just how much they were losing every year in fees and commissions on the financial products and services all Australians needed. As a result of this discovery, they set up shop in 2006, operating out of their home office in the Southern Highlands, NSW and the company grew from there.

They successfully created a brand new concept in the financial market in Australia and for the first time ever aided Aussies to get their money back from the hidden fees and commissions that would be paid to brokers of financial institutions, super funds and insurers.

Cash-back crusaders.

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Robin Hood’ of financial services! YourShare has grown from a team of two to a substantial service and has won Money Magazine’s Best Cash-back service five years running.

With billions of dollars in hidden fees and commissions YourShare’s expert team is here to offer you better premiums and your Cash-back. So why not join the thousands of members who are part of the YourShare community and start reaping the rewards yourself!


Seven years and still going strong.


  • How do I know if my investments pay a commission?

    Call the financial institution directly, do a thorough review of the fund prospectus (a common term used for these fees is Adviser Remuneration) or contact YourShare directly to determine how much trailing fees and commissions you could be paying on your financial products now.

  • How far back do you collect commissions?

    YourShare collects the fees and commissions generated across your financial products from the date we are registered as the broker on the account.

  • My super fund is not on your list?

    It is likely that you are with a super fund that does not charge fees and commissions, such as an industry or corporate super fund, therefore YourShare is unable to collect these charges.

  • What does YourShare charge for this service?

    It’s simple, you pay nothing upfront as we only take a service fee from the fees and commissions we collect on your behalf. You receive 50% of every dollar YourShare collects for you over $75. So if YourShare reclaims $400 in fees and commissions, you receive $162.50. If YourShare reclaims $2,000 you will receive a yearly Cash-back equal to $962.50.

  • What is a trailing commission?

    Trailing commissions are yearly commissions which are paid to the body that introduced you to your financial institutions or that you nominated. Typically this is your broker, financial adviser or fund supermarket. These payments can be made even when you have gone directly to the fund manager.